'11 people die from COVID-19 every hour in Turkey's full lockdown'

A recent report by the main opposition CHP revealed that some 11 people die from COVID-19 in Turkey every hour despite the country's full lockdown measures. The shocking rate presents a 441-percent increase in the number of deaths since March.

Duvar English

At least 11 COVID-19 patients die in Turkey every hour despite the full lockdown, the Republican People's Party (CHP) said in a recent report, revealing a 441-percent increase in the number of deaths since March.

Turkey's most recent lockdown measures came as a response to a third wave of infections in the country.

Based on data between April 26 and May 1, the CHP report showed that the number of COVID-19 deaths was at 69 on March 1, a number that spiked to 373 on May 1 with a 441 percent increase. 

The number of patients in critical condition nearly doubled in the same period of time, the CHP report revealed, showing an increase from 1,215 on March 1 versus 3,525 on May 1.

Meanwhile, Turkey is also suffering from a shortage in vaccinations, the report said, revealing a drop in the number of inoculations between April 25 and May 1, a drop of 35 percent from 980,533 shots the week prior  to 637,816 inoculations. 

The report noted that the Health Ministry risk map had placed 82 million people in Turkey, almost the entire population, under "very high risk."