119 German citizens unable to return back to Germany from Turkey

A total of 61 German citizens are currently imprisoned in Turkey, whereas another 58 cannot leave the country as they are facing an international travel ban, the German government said in its response to a parliamentary question.

Duvar English

A total of 119 German citizens are unable to return back to Germany from Turkey, Berlin said in its response to a parliamentary question filed by Left Party lawmaker Gökay Akbulut, Deutsche Welle's Turkish service reported don Aug. 31.

Of these 119 German citizens, 61 are currently imprisoned in Turkey, while the Turkish judiciary has imposed an international travel ban on the rest of the 58. 

The German Foreign Ministry said in its response that it does not have information as to how many people with residence permits in Germany are incarcerated in Turkey or facing international travel bans.

The ministry has not given information on what kind of charges imprisoned German citizens are facing in Turkey. Therefore, it is unclear how many of them are jailed on the grounds of political reasons or other criminal investigations.

In its response, the ministry also said that Turkey has not allowed four German citizens to enter Turkish soil this year.

In the aftermath of the failed coup attempt of 2016, the number of German citizens arrested in Turkey saw a dramatic increase, which strained the ties between the two countries.

The arrest of journalist Deniz Yücel, journalist and translator Meşale Tulu, social worker Adil Demirci, who is also a translator for Etkin news agency, had received considerable attention in the German media.

Following their release, all of them had returned back to Germany.