20 children battered in Quran course in Turkey for eating pita 'without permission'

A Quran course instructor in Turkey’s Amasya province battered 20 children for ordering and eating pita (flat bread topped with a variety of stuff) from a restaurant “without permission.” The Amasya Governor’s Office announced that an investigation has been launched into the incident.

Duvar English

A Quran course instructor with the initials T.D. and a butcher with the initials B.N. reportedly battered 20 students aged between 15-16 for ordering and eating pita (Turkish flat bread topped with a variety of stuff) “without permission” in the Black Sea province of Amasya.

Accordingly, the Büyükağa Course students late on Aug. 22 ordered and ate pita from a restaurant. B.N., who slaughtered the animals brought to the course and did not have an official duty in the institution, gathered 20 students in the cafeteria and began hitting them with a brush on the grounds that “they ate the pita bread without permission from the administration,” the daily Cumhuriyet reported on Aug. 27.

Course instructor T.D. also participated in battering after learning the situation. The incident came to light the next morning, when a student from the course went to the hospital and told about the incident to the doctor who saw the bruises on the student’s body. The doctor reported the situation to the hospital police.

Moreover, the police examined the security camera footage of the course and saw the battering. The court released the butcher B.N. under judicial control measures after their detention. The instructor T.D. was also dismissed from his duty in the course.

After the incident stirred a huge reaction on social media, Amasya Governor’s Office stated that they launched an investigation into the incident.