2,427 workplace deaths recorded in 2020 in Turkey, 741 of them due to COVID-19

At least 2,427 workers died in 2020 in Turkey, 741 of whom succumbed to the novel coronavirus, according to a report from the country’s Workers’ Health and Work Safety Assembly (İSİG). Thirty-one percent of the deaths were from the COVID-19, while 16 percent resulted from traffic accidents and 12 percent occurred due to the workers being crushed while on the job, said the report. 

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At least 2,427 people have lost their lives in workplace accidents in Turkey in 2020, according to a report released by the country’s Workers’ Health and Work Safety Assembly (İSİG) on Jan. 13.

The report compiled the data from local and international news outlets, occupational safety specialists, workplace doctors and unions.

The month of December saw the most deaths related to occupational accidents, with 356 people.

The agriculture sector saw the highest number of fatalities with 442 deaths, 224 of whom were farmers and 218 were workers. The agriculture sector was followed by the construction sector with 355 deaths.

Of the 2,427 people who lost their lives, there were 22 child workers under the age of 14.

The most common cause of work-related deaths was the novel coronavirus, as 741 workers succumbed to the virus (31 percent). The COVID-19 was followed by traffic accidents, which claimed 388 lives (16 percent), and being crushed by heavy equipment (12 percent), which claimed 296 lives. Other instances included being electrically shocked, falling from heights, and suffering from heart attacks. 

There were 101 refugees/migrants among the workers who lost their lives, with Syrians topping the list.

Istanbul became the province that had the most occupational homicides, with 325 deaths. It was followed by the Aegean province of İzmir with 111 deaths, the northwestern province of Kocaeli with 99 deaths and Ankara with 80 deaths.