2.9 kilos of cannabis confiscated in car belonging to AKP municipality

Some 2.9 kilograms of cannabis were confiscated in a car that belongs to the AKP-run district municipality of Keçiören in Ankara, news portal T24 reported on Sept. 28. The driver was accused of trafficking drugs after the Aug. 15 raid and defended himself by saying that he was merely a user.

AKP District Mayor Turgut Altıok (R) is seen with the driver accused of drug trafficking in this file photo.

Duvar English

Some 2.9 kilograms of cannabis were confiscated from a car belonging to the Keçiören District Municipality in Ankara ran by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in an Aug. 15 raid, news portal T24 reported on Sept. 28. 

A driver at the municipality identified only as A.B. was detained and said that he had been buying up to 30 grams of cannabis a week from a man named Cango for a year. 

"He told me that I should stop commuting back and forth so much and told me that he could sell me three kilograms for a deal," A.B. said, adding that he had paid the dealer around 2,000 Turkish Liras. 

The driver refused all accusations of stashing and selling narcotics, and insisted that he was solely a user, and never a dealer of cannabis. 

The vehicle in question reportedly remains in narcotic police custody, while the driver was sent to the prosecutor's office on charges of dealing drugs. 

A.B. was "immediately discharged" upon the allegations, the municipality said, as photos of the driver with AKP Mayor Turgut Altıok were found on his social media accounts.