7 die in restaurant explosion in western Turkey

Seven people died in a restaurant explosion due to a gas cylinder in the western province of Aydın. The explosion injured five people, as detention warrant issued for five people due to the incident.

Duvar English

An explosion that happened in a doner restaurant due to a gas cylinder killed seven people in the western province of Aydın’s Nazilli district on Dec. 30.

The explosion also injured five people, Aydın Governor Hüseyin Aksoy announced on Twitter.

An employee working at the restaurant, Merve Bayar, said that the explosion happened while they were replacing the gas cylinder.

“There's not much to tell, it suddenly caught fire and exploded,” Bayar said.

On the other hand, Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ announced on Twitter that one suspect was detained who allegedly caused the explosion.”

Nazilli Chief Public Prosecutor's Office later announced that they issued detention warrant for five people.