7-year-old Yazidi girl rescued from ISIS captivity in Ankara

A seven-year-old Yazidi girl who had been held captive by a suspected ISIS militant was saved by police in Ankara on Feb. 24. The child was handed over to social services, while the jihadist was detained by police.

Duvar English

A seven-year-old Yazidi girl was rescued from the captivity of a suspected ISIS militant in Ankara on Feb. 24, and was handed over to officials from the local Family and Social Services Directorate.

The suspect, an Iraqi national, was reportedly active in Mosul and had been tracked by law enforcement since he arrived in Ankara.

"The person, identified as S.O., was determined to have abducted a seven-year-old Yazidi girl, so the chief public prosecutor's office decided to move," said an official statement about the police operation.

The suspect was reportedly a former officer in the Iraqi army and acted with an accomplice identified as N.H.R.