73 percent of Turks want to live in secular and democratic Turkey

Some 72.9 percent of Turkish citizens demand to live in a “secular and democratic” country, according to a new poll. This percentage was 58 percent for AKP voters, while it was 75 percent for MHP voters.

Duvar English

Some 72.9 percent of Turks want to live in a secular and democratic Turkey, according to a newly conducted poll by Metropoll Research.

The results of the survey were shared by the company head Özer Sencar on Twitter.

When asked “What kind of country would like to live in?”, 72.9 percent of the survey respondents answered “secular and democratic,” while 18.5 percent said “conservative and authoritarian.” Some 8.5 percent did not give a response.

The answers were also analyzed with respect to the party that the respondents voted for. Accordingly, 58 percent of ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) voters demanded a “secular and democratic” Turkey, whereas this figure was 75 percent for Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) voters.