AKP deputy chair on Facebook outage: Only uninterrupted service is AKP

AKP deputy chair Hamza Dağ used the Facebook outage on Oct. 4 as an opportunity to advertise his party, saying that the "Only service that's gone uninterrupted in the past 19 years is AKP."

Duvar English

Deputy chair of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), Hamza Dağ used the global Facebook outage on Oct. 4 as an opportunity to boast about his party's success.

"Instagram crashed, Facebook crashed, Whatsapp crashed. AK Party is the name of 19 years of uninterrupted service," Dağ tweeted.

Facebook Inc blamed a "faulty configuration change" for a nearly six-hour outage on Oct. 4 that prevented the company's 3.5 billion users from accessing its social media and messaging services such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

Dağ is known for his absurd accusations against the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), mainly a municipality's free milk service to kids aged up to five. He had said that rainbow images on the milk cartons were a "subliminal LGBTI message."