AKP municipality distributes UNICEF's earthquake aid to voters ahead of local elections

CHP deputy Mahmut Tanal said that AKP-led Şanlıurfa Municipality distributed blankets and children's clothing sent by UNICEF for earthquake victims to voters with bags labeled with the municipality's logo in the run-up to the local elections.

Duvar English

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality run by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has kept blankets and clothes sent by UNICEF to be distributed to earthquake-stricken children in warehouses for a year and started to distribute them to the voters within the scope of election campaigns, according to the main opposition Republican People’s Party Şanlıurfa deputy Mahmut Tanal.

Tanal shared a video on his social media account showing a blanket with UNICEF label inside a bag with the municipality logo.

“Did you hide the blankets and other products sent by UNICEF for distribution while children who could not find blankets in the first weeks of the earthquake were shivering in the cold? This behaviour is both a religious sin and a legal offense. It is abuse of duty,” MP Tanal stated.

Tanal further stated that they have received reports indicating that during the distribution of these products, voters have allegedly been told, "Vote for the AKP, otherwise we will end up like Gaza."

CHP lawmaker also criticized the UNICEF for not keeping track of the aid sent to Turkey after the earthquakes and called for an investigation. 

On Feb. 6, 2023, Turkey's 11 southeastern provinces including Şanlıurfa hit by two devastating earthquakes that caused thousands of deaths.

On March 31, Turkey will hold the first local elections after the earthquakes.