Alevi family homes marked with red paint, crosses in western Turkey

Homes of Alevi families in western Turkey's Yalova province were marked with red crosses, adding to the long list of hate crimes against the minority group in the country. The hate crime of marking Alevi homes has been a common practice over the decades, and across different parts of Turkey.

Duvar English

The homes of families who are members of the Alevi community were marked with red dye in western Turkey's Yalova province, the daily Birgün reported on Jan. 26.

Historically a discriminated group, Turkey's Alevi community is no stranger to the red dye marks, as the hate crime has been a common practice throughout history and across the country.

Displaying a cross and the word "Alevi," the markings were created by anonymous perpetrators, and immediately reported to police by the families, leading to an investigation into the incident. 

“They're playing with society's nerve endings. This is racism aimed at provoking Alevis," said Fikret Demir, Chairman of Hacı Bektaş Veli Anatolian Culture Foundation Yalova Office.