Ankara bumps price of short-term military service to nearly 40,000 liras

The price of short-term mandatory military service was increased to 39,788 liras. The payment allows for young men to serve 28 days in the military instead of the usual six months.

Duvar English

Turkey's Defense Ministry bumped up the price of the short-term option for mandatory military service to 39,788 Turkish liras, up from 37,070 liras.

Allowing young men to serve 28 days of mandatory military service instead of six months, the paid short-term option received a 13.5 percent price since January 2020, when the price was 35,054 liras. 

Meanwhile, a draft bill prepared by ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputy İsmail Kaya suggested that the price for citizens living abroad be calculated based on the dollar-lira exchange rate at the time. 

Currently, citizens living abroad calculate the fees they need to pay for military service based on the rates reported by the Turkish Central Bank on the first day of the year.

The draft bill is most likely a response to the tumultuous year the Turkish lira had, during which the currency observed record devaluation against the dollar.

Military service for men over 18 is mandatory in Turkey, and the only option for exemption is to express "conscientious rejection," which often leads to a person being labeled as unpatriotic, or to present a medical report proving homosexuality.