August marks record-level water consumption in Istanbul

Istanbul observed a record level of water consumption in August with 3.34 million cubic meters used each day on average, municipal data revealed on Sep. 1. Water levels in the city's dams dropped to 57.74 percent with 501.57 million cubic meters measured.

Duvar English

Istanbul saw a record-level consumption of both drinking and tap water in the month of August, data from the Istanbul Water and Sewers Management (İSKİ) revealed on Sep. 1.

The record consumption brought back dam occupancy levels from 66.95 percent to 57.74 percent, with only 501,57 million cubic-meters of water measured in the 868.68-million capacity dams.

The amount of water dispersed to the city rose considerably this year for the month of August, reaching an all-time record with a daily consumption average of 3.34 million cubic meters. 

August 5 saw the highest amount of consumption with 3.48 million cubic meters of water used in one day. 

One person in Turkey uses an average of 216 liters of water each day, which is significantly above the global average of 150 liters daily, Turkey's Association of Waste Prevention (TİSVA) Board Member Ajlan Sunay said.