Autopsy of Kazakh woman who died suspiciously casts doubts on AKP MP

The autopsy report for 21-year-old Kazakh national Yeldana Kaharman revealed that the official narrative about her 2019 death was in fact inconsistent with the markings on her body. Kaharman's death recently came into the spotlight when mafia leader Sedat Peker said that Kaharman had died shortly after reporting the sexual assault of a deputy from the ruling AKP.

Duvar English

The autopsy report for 21-year-old Kazakh national Yeldana Kaharman who died under suspicious conditions in 2019 revealed that she may have been hung post-mortem, bringing into question her manner of death.

Kaharman's death in 2018 came under the spotlight again after Turkish mafia leader Sedat Peker said in a recent video that Kaharman had died shortly after reporting the sexual assault of ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputy Tolga Ağar. 

Journalist Baransel Ağca on May 9 revealed Kaharman's autopsy report, where he noted multiple inconsistencies between the official narrative about her death and the results of the forensic tests ran on her body.

Possibly the direst among these inconsistencies was about how she died, which was initially said to be suicide by hanging, disproved by a forensic examination of her body.

"An autopsy of the area with the rope markings revealed no significant bleeding or hematomas. The soft tissue, bone and cartillage in her neck are untouched!" Ağca said in a tweet. "This raises suspicions that Yeldana was hung after her death."

Another finding in the autopsy report that conflicted the narrative that Kaharman died by hanging was the shapes of post mortem lividity on her body, formed by the pooling of blood after a person's death.

Hanging victims suffer from lividity in their hands and legs, but Kaharman displayed lividity on her back, which implies that she rested on her back post mortem, Ağca noted.

No alcohol in blood, bruises missing in report

Two other inconsistencies in the autopsy report were based on eyewitness statements, namely the last person who saw Kaharman alive and her boyfriend. 

Two people who gave official statements about seeing Kaharman before her death had said that she was severely intoxicated, but an analysis of her blood revealed no alcohol content, Ağca noted. 

Kaharman's boyfriend, identified only as Ciran, had met with her the day before her death, and noticed massive bruises on her legs, Ağca added, but these contusions were not reported by the forensic team.

"He asked insistently, but Yeldana only told him 'I fell down the stairs,'" Ağca said. 

Ağca lastly questioned whether the young woman's phone records are not available as part of the police investigation and prompted the police to investigate what Kaharman did that night. 

Peker: Kaharman complained to gendarmerie day before death

Mafia leader Sedat Peker touched on Kaharman's death in another video dated May 10, where he repeated his claim that the Kazakh national had in fact made a criminal complaint about AKP deputy Tolga Ağar the day before her death. 

Peker said that he witnessed gendarmerie generals create a story to fit the young woman's death, and that the AKP deputy had been taken out of town by his father Mehmet Ağar, who is one of the shadiest figures in Turkish politics.

AKP deputy Tolga Ağar was reportedly flown out of Elazığ via helicopter, and the complaint Kaharman had placed in with the gendarmerie was destroyed after her death.