Boğaziçi's trustee rector suspends economics department head from duty

The appointed trustee rector of Istanbul's prestigious Boğaziçi University has suspended the head of the economics department for three months, citing an investigation launched against him.

Prof. Dr. Ünal Zenginobuz

Duvar English 

Boğaziçi University Rector Naci İnci, appointed to his position by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has suspended the head of the economics department Prof. Dr. Ünal Zenginobuz from duty for three months, citing an investigation against him.

A Twitter account named “Özgür İktisat” (free economics), established by the students of the Economics department, said that the investigation launched against Zenginobuz is based on “unreal allegations that a student who went back to the university after being 'pardoned' was not accepted into the exams despite a court ruling.”

The account said that the student is now taking the exams as the exam schedule was determined following the court ruling.

It also said that the decision of suspension without waiting for the investigation's result shows its “political” nature. Following the decision of temporary suspension given to Prof. Ünal, his Boğaziçi e-mail has been also blocked. It seems that with the decision of extrajudicial execution, his access to Boğaziçi will be completely prevented.”

Boğaziçi TV announced on Aug. 23 that Prof. Zenginobuz was not even allowed to enter the campus and was prevented by the security guards at the gates.