Breast implant's serial number reveals identity of decapitated corpses found in northern Turkey

Turkish authorities have identified decapitated bodies found on July 1 in the northern province of Sakarya as those of an Iranian woman and man. The serial number of the silicone breast implant of the woman has helped with the identification of the two victims.

Duvar English

Turkish authorities have announced that decapitated bodies found in the northern province of Sakarya's Sapanca district belong to two Iranians, but have not yet revealed the identity of the victims due to the ongoing investigation.

Only July 1, several pieces of human body parts were found buried in a land, Doğan news agency reported.

Following a police investigation, the body parts were taken to the Sakarya Training and Research Autopsy Center, which determined that bodies of two victims had been cut into 13 different pieces with a saw and sharp objects.

The heads of the corpses have not been yet found.

Police have taken the body parts to an autopsy center for identification. 

The serial number of the silicone breast implant of the woman has revealed her identity. The police also determined that the other victim was an Iranian man.

The police are looking into the possibility that money might have been a prime motive in the murder.