Chips display stand hits the road, leaves shop owner chasing it in Turkey's north

A chips display stand has left its owner desperately chasing it on the streets when strong winds took it away in the Black Sea province of Ordu. Social media users burst into laughter when they saw the footage of the shop owner chasing the stand.

Duvar English

A chips display stand has managed to put smiles on thousands of people's faces when it got carried away due to strong winds in Turkey's Black Sea province of Ordu. 

Footage obtained from a nearby security camera showed the stand leaving the shop and hitting the road, as the shop owner tries to catch it.

"It all happened in an instant. I was inside and saw the stand leaning. I didn't really act fast because I thought it was about to fall. But then it hit the road. It was very fast!" shop owner Ayberk Saka said. 

"It started getting faster. I ran after it. It got even faster when I started chasing it. Finally, someone jumped in front of it and that's how we caught it," he said.