CHP deputy gives speech with beekeeping suit at Turkish Parliament for beekeepers' problems

Turkish main opposition CHP deputy Mustafa Adıgüzel gave a speech at the Parliament by wearing a beekeeping suit to draw attention to the problems of beekeepers and fake honey sold in the market.

Duvar English

Turkish main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) Ordu Deputy Mustafa Adıgüzel on May 9 gave a speech at the Parliament with a beekeeping suit, the ANKA News Agency reported.

Speaking during the off-agenda speeches section of the Parliament, Adıgüzel took the stage and wore a beekeeping suit to raise awareness for beekeepers' problems. 

Adıgüzel said that Turkish society “is being poisoned” with fake honey due to the lack of inspection. He said Turkey ranked 2nd globally with 114,000 tons of honey production and 3rd with 9.2 million beehives.

“According to the latest data, there are 100,399 beekeepers in our country. However, both the increase in production costs and fake honey have disrupted the beekeeping sector for three years. The number of beekeepers has decreased and the sector has started to break down. This year's dropout from the sector is over 30 percent,” he said and added that the subsidy of 60 liras per hive was insufficient after the increase in costs.

“Turkey is a fake honey paradise. An impartial laboratory analyzed the honey we bought from the market and determined that around 80 percent of the honey on the market was fake,” he added.

He demanded increased inspection by the ministries starting from hives.