Civil society organization to launch online Kurdish language lessons

The Kurdish Language Movement announced that it would launch an online Kurdish course that will eventually expand to include Kurdish study groups for law, natural sciences and mathematics.

Ferhat Yaşar / DUVAR

Non-governmental organization Kurdish Language Movement announced that it would launch an online Kurdish course which will eventually expand into study groups for law, natural sciences and math. 

"It's a massive rights violation for a whole nation to be robbed of their right to education and human rights by the complete dismissal of their language," General Director Fevzi Bulgan said. 

The Kurdish language has been left to die, which constitutes the source of the Kurdish issue in Turkey, Bulgan said.  

"We opened Kurdish lessons to allow for the survival of the language until the state reinstates rights of education in the native tongue," the director said. 

Instructors of the Kurdish language are constantly denied employment by the state, which is why the NGO is trying to create job opportunities for them, Bulgan noted.

The language lessons will start with the Kurmanji and the Zaza language and will eventually include study groups for law, medicine, history and math in efforts to develop terminology in the fields, Bulgan added. 

The NGO aims to gather students whose native tongue may not be Kurdish so that the language can become more widely used, the director said.