Climate change disrupts mating behavior of Kangal dogs

Climate change has affected the hormones of Kangal dogs, a Turkish livestock guardian dog breed, which could not mate due to the mild winter. Kangal dogs normally give birth twice a year.

Duvar English

Climate change has disrupted the mating behavior of Kangal dogs, a Turkish livestock guardian dog breed, Demirören News Agency reported on March 21.

Kangal dogs, who grew into their winter coats late due to the lack of snowfall, could not enter the mating season this time.

Kangals, which enter the mating season in January every year, could not mate until the end of March this year. They normally mate and give birth twice a year.

Sivas Natural Breed Kangal Dog Lovers and Protectors Association head Orhan Yalçınkaya told DHA that the hormonal balance of Kangal dogs changes depending on the temperature of the weather, and their hormones “were not suitable for mating this year due to the hot climate and lack of snow.”

“Currently, although births should start within 15 days, they have not even reached the mating stage yet. We see that their hormonal balance is not yet established and is affected by the climate. Kangals, which give birth twice a year, seem to give birth once this year,” he added.