Justice as a Russian roulette

The decision to rearrest experienced journalist Ahmet Altan proves the predictability rule of legal system to be reversed by anti-legality. That's a kind of predictability too.

A prerequisite for a functioning and competent justice system is predictability. When a court rules on the release of a person, that person should be confident in the institution of the law and expect to be released.

But after his release, the seasoned Turkish journalist Ahmet Altan had said that he could have been taken back at any moment. Altan knew the institution of the law had become unpredictable. Due to his distrust of it, he had predicted a decision to rearrest him would be made.

Whereas in a functioning legal system, a written rules provides predictability insofar as court decisions are trusted, we have now shifted to an unwritten rule that provides predictability insofar as court decisions are not trusted.

First situation is valid for citizens. Meaning that if there is something called a "citizen" in a given location, a mechanism which provides predictability by trusting court decisions is in effect.

Second situation is valid for non-citizens. A mechanism which compels people to be ready for anything due to distrust of court decisions. This second situation is a kind of natural order, an animal order. Just like a baby gazelle going down to the river; an alligator can suddenly emerge from the water, a panther can jump from the bushes, a lion can suddenly bite its neck, an eagle can swoop in from the sky.

It's all possible and you try to drink water timidly, withdrawn and in fear, ready for all possibilities. You have to take all of these risks because you can't live without water. For a person, for a citizen, freedom is water. They are saying either give up freedom, being humans and citizens or be ready for what the judiciary monster will do.

If if wants it will release you, it will grab you by the neck and put you outside the gates of prison or maybe it will again come after you with sharpened teeth. Predictability of civilization has become history, unpredictability of nature and animals has become the base rule.

It's a kind of Russian roulette, the gun is always pointed to our heads and there is only one empty hole in the cylinder. The other five are set to shoot citizenship in the head.

March 24, 2021 A Turkey without Kurds