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A 56-year-old woman named Nermin Yücebaş put a plastic bag over her body to hug the bride and groom at a wedding in the northern province of Samsun, news portal T24 reported on Sept. 10.

Yücebaş has high blood pressure and is diabetic, but is really close to the newlyweds, and wanted to give them hugs, she said.

Yücebaş opted for a large vacuum bag for protection.

“Both my husband and I have chronic illnesses, but I saw them wanting to hug him. I took the bag off and gave it to him too, allowing them to hug,” Yücebaş said.

Yücebaş and her 58-year-old husband did however carry out the tradition of attaching jewelry or gold to the newlyweds’ outfits.