Coronavirus claims lives of two Turks in UK, Austria

Two Turkish nationals, one living in Austria and the other in the U.K, have died from the novel coronavirus. One of the victims was a 28-year-old woman who was suffering from chronic kidney disease and was also a diabetic patient. The other victim was a 55-year-old male.

Duvar English

Two Turks living in Europe have lost their lives as a result of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. One of the deaths was recorded in Austria, while the other in the United Kingdom.

The victim who lost her life in Austria was the 28-year-old Yonca Akyol, who was suffering from chronic kidney disease and was also a diabetic patient.

Turkey's ambassador to Austria, Ozan Ceyhun, said that Akyol is the first Turkish national who has lost her life due to the coronavirus.

YoncaAkyol's father Mustafa Akyol told reporters that her daughter wasbeing held in intensive care unit since last week.

“Losingour daughter at such a young age and not being able to do anythingabout this has ruined our family,” Mustafa Akyol said.

TheAustrian Health Ministry has so far announced that 1,471 people wereinfected by the virus in the country and three people have lost theirlives.

Another Turkish national who lost his life due to the virus is the 55-year-old Hayri Ergönül. During his coronavirus treatment at North Middlesex University Hospital in London, Ergönül also contracted pneumonitis. And despite the treatment, Ergönül's body collapsed.

“We have lost a beautiful human being -- Hayri Gönül. Hayri was a very valuable person who worked for friendship and solidarity to be developed between people,” Ergönül's friend Ahmet Güven told reporters.

Turkish officials reported the country’s first death from coronavirus late on March 17.

The victim was a 89-year-old male who had contracted the virus from an employee in contact with China, Health Minister Koca said during a press conference.

He also said that the number of coronavirus cases in Turkey rose to 98.