Turkey’s traditional lemon-scented cologne is top consumer good since coronavirus outbreak

A recent survey by pollster Ipsos revealed that Turkey’s lemon-scented cologne has become the most-demanded consumer good amid the coronavirus outbreak in the country. Vinegar and pasta followed, along with non-perishable foods and cooking essentials like flour and salt.

Duvar English

A recent survey by the polling company Ispos revealed that Turkish traditional alcohol-based and lemon-scented cologne (limon kolonyası), is the most-demanded consumer good amid the coronavirus outbreak in Turkey. 

The product saw a 256% surge in demand following the Health Ministry’s announcement of the country’s first coronavirus case on March 10. Turks rushed to stores to get their hands on the 80-percent alcohol disinfectant.

A natural alternative to disinfection, vinegar followed cologne on the survey that was conducted between March 11 and March 17, with a 161 percent increase in demand.

The third most demanded product was pasta with a 111 percent increase in demand, followed by non-perishable beans, flour, yeast, wet wipes, soups, salt and tomato paste. 

“We’re going through times that will go down in history not only for their health implications, but also because of their economic and social consequences,” said the CEO of Ipsos, Sidar Gedik. 

Turkey to limit alcohol-based, lemon-scented traditional cologne exportsTurkey to limit alcohol-based, lemon-scented traditional cologne exports

Consumption rose by 21% in the week following the announcement of the first Turkish coronavirus patient, Gedik said, adding that the changes weren’t uniform across industries. 

“These reflect changes in the individuals’ ever-changing nature. We must also remember that some of these changes may be temporary and may be the first examples of the new 'normal'.”