Ankara’s use of public transportation drops by 84% in March due to social isolation

The use of public transportation in Turkey’s capital dropped by 84 percent in the month of March since the first coronavirus-positive patient in Turkey was diagnosed. While some 1.7 million people used public transportation in the city March 2, this number dropped to 271,783 by March 27.

Duvar English

Use of public transportation by residents of Turkey’s capital has dropped by 84 percent between March 2 and March 27, data from the city’s Railed Systems Directorate (EGO) revealed. 

While a total of 1.7 million people used public transportation March 2, before the announcement of the first official coronavirus patent in Turkey, this number had dropped to 271,782 on March 27.

Measured by the number of uses of the local public transportation card ANKARAKART, the data revealed the numbers of passengers on buses, cable cars, the subway and suburb trains. 

The Ankara Municipality, under the leadership of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) has been conducting a public awareness campaign with the hashtag “stay home.”

The municipality suspended the cable car service and temporarily halted the use of free public transportation for residents 65 and above.