Expert estimates actual number of coronavirus cases as 600,000-900,000 in Turkey

According to an infectious diseases specialist's calculation, 600,000-900,000 people are already infected with the coronavirus in Turkey – several times higher than the officially confirmed number.

Duvar English

An infectious diseases doctor has said that the number of Turkey's true number of coronavirus cases currently stands at 600,000-900,000, contradicting the official figures.

Dr. Meltem Özen made the statements during a live program broadcast on the state broadcaster TRT on April 5.

“Medically, there is 10 undiagnosed cases for every case that is confirmed. Since we are saying we have about 23,000 confirmed cases in total, then we have 230,000 cases. But, we are saying that we have only tested 20-25 percent of the cases so far, round it up to 30 percent. Then we will multiply the number of 230,000 with 3-4. So, Turkey's coronavirus cases amount to 600,000-900,000,” she said.

When Özen made her statements, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Turkey was standing at 23,934.

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