Six people involved in brawl in Turkey's east fined for 'violating social distancing'

Turkish officials have imposed an administrative fine on six people involved in a brawl for breaking social distancing rules within the scope of the new type of coronavirus measures.

Duvar English

Authorities have fined six people involved in a brawl in Turkey's eastern province of Ağrı for failing to to keep their “social distance” from each other amid coronavirus outbreak.

The incident occurred in Uzunöz village in Tutak district on April 7. The six people were each imposed a fine of 3,150 Turkish Liras (approximately $465).

The Tutak district governor's office released a statement regarding the incident, saying that a fight broke out between two groups and the gendarmerie had to intervene.

The governor's office said that apart from the fine, a judicial action was initiated against the six people.