Turkey's health workers join global coworkers in 'corona foot-shake' dance challenge

A group of Turkish health workers joined in on the "corona foot-shake challenge," created by an American doctor and a favorite among health workers worldwide. Accompanied by a song named "Oh Na Na Na," the dance routine involves an intricate series of foot steps that mimic handshakes.

Duvar English

Health workers in a central Anatolian hospital took a short break from their work at the COVID-19 clinic to join heath workers all over in what's become known as the "Oh Na Na Na" dance challenge.

Workers at the Çorum Hitit University Erol Olçok Training and Research Hospital recorded a video of themselves doing a dancing challenge that's become popular among health workers for not involving any hand contact.

Accompanied by Nigerian artist Slim Burna's song "Oh Na Na Na," the challenge involves an intricate series of steps that mimic a handshake.

The corona-foot-shake became a favorite among health workers worldwide after Dr. Jason Campbell of Ohio shared a video of himself and a coworker doing the routine.

Plastic shoe producer saw Dr. Campbell's video, and noticed him wearing their product, which led them to start a campaign to donate crocs to health workers.