Istanbul Airport to test passengers for COVID-19

A new testing center in Istanbul Airport will offer all passengers COVID-19 tests for 110 Turkish Liras each (about $16). The center's capacity is an hourly 2,000.

Duvar English

New COVID-19 centers in Istanbul Airport will be offering both blood and swab tests to passengers for a fee of 110 Turkish Liras (about $16).

A sign on the glass reads "sample collection area."

Both Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests that look for antibodies in the blood, and simple swab tests will be analyzed in on-site labs and the results will be delivered to the passengers within two hours.

A note hanging on medical equipment reads "sample transport cabin."

While results will be available both in English and Turkish, passengers that are traveling internationally, will be able to get tested as well as domestic travelers.

Both arrival and departure patients will have the opportunity to get tested.

The testing center's capacity is a daily 40,000 tests, airport Operation Control Center Director Fatih Mere said.

"We have 50 cubicles for sample collection. The hourly capacity is 2,000. They can conduct 38 to 40 thousands tests a day," Mere said of the airport's center.

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