Official in Urfa warns that hot pepper doesn't protect from COVID-19

The health director of the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa warned locals that hot peppers don't protect from coronavirus. The director also said that locals thought the heat protected from the illness, but that both were misconceptions.

Duvar English

Southeastern Şanlıurfa province's Provincial Health Director Emre Erkuş warned the locals that hot peppers will not protect them from COVID-19.

The director noted that residents of southeastern Turkey had a false perception that the heat also prevented the spread of coronavirus, along with hot pepper.

"We saw a spike in cases during the hot months, when a lot of hot pepper was consumed. So we saw that these conceptions were false," Erkuş said.

The director was also treated for COVID-19 and said that it was a painful recovery, and urged locals to adhere to precautions.

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