Court fines social worker who sexually harassed his client mere $200

A Turkish court has fined social worker Mehmet Ölmez 5400 Turkish lira (200 dollars) for sexually harassing his client in 2021 in Konya province. Ölmez was promoted to the director of his foundation operating under the Family and Social Services Ministry during the trial.

AKP's district mayor Mehmet Tutal (L) and assaulter Mehmet Ölmez (R) pose together.

Duvar English

The Turkish court fined social worker Mehmet Ölmez of the Seydişehir Cooperation and Solidarity Foundation under the Family and Social Services Ministry a mere 5400 Turkish Lira (200 dollars) for sexually harassing his client. The assaulter was promoted to director as his trial proceeded, revealed by the reporting of daily BirGün

Ölmez sexually harassed his client M.D. in 2021, while on duty as he brought supplies to her apartment. M.D. initially reported Ölmez to his institution and added that Ölmez previously harassed her on the street. M.D. said that the foundation did not take any action against Ölmez, which led her to press charges of “sexual harassment by taking advantage of his position as a public officer.”  

Ölmez denied the charges in court, however, M.D.’s daughter said she witnessed the harassment. Witnesses who took the stand also stated that Ölmez offered money to the woman to prevent her from pressing charges. 

Social worker Ölmez was allegedly “close” with the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) mayor of the Seydişehir district, Mehmet Tutal. 

An investigation into the incident by the Konya Governor’s Office concluded “the event as just a misunderstanding,” and closed the case.