Court of Accounts audit reveals AKP-run Adıyaman municipality paid bonuses only to managers

An audit by Turkey's Court of Accounts has revealed that a year-end bonus payment that the AKP-run Adıyaman municipality was legally obliged to give to civil servants has been dispersed to only senior executives.

Duvar English

An audit by Turkey's Court of Accounts has revealed that a bonus payment which was supposed to be made to civil servants working at the municipality in Turkey's southeastern province of Adıyaman has been in fact distributed to only managers and senior executives.

The Adıyaman municipality is run by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

The Court of Accounts' 2019 report said that the year-end bonus payments that lower-wage civil servants at the municipality were supposed to receive have been given only to 50 personnel, who hold management positions, daily Sözcü said on Dec. 29.

The relevant report has also exposed various irregularities behind the municipality's spending. The report said that the municipality held 27 separate tenders for the procurement of various banners for the province, and all of the tenders were won by the same firm.

Another irregularity that auditors detected is that a municipal councilor received several salaries from the municipality as he held four different positions.

The relevant municipal councilor was registered as a worker at an affiliate company of the municipality; he was a member of the municipality's construction commission; he was also the board chairman of a company to which the municipality had awarded a tender.

The Court of Cassation said that it is against the regulations for a councilor to hold four different positions related to the municipality.