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A İznik ceramic pitcher that’s over 500 years old and worth five thousand Turkish Liras was stolen from the house of Koç Holding Board Chairman and collector Ömer Koç.

Koç immediately reported the July 23, 2019 theft to the police, who wrote up a report about the missing artifact.

“Blue and white İznik ceramics, transparent underglaze, two lines of writings on the neck and guilloche-bordered floral patterns on the body,” read the report about the antique pitcher.

The pitcher was dated back to the Ottoman era between 1495 and 1525 and is about 21 centimeters (8 inches) tall.

İznik china is a trademark of traditional Turkish art, observable in numerous mosques around Turkey.

Koç has been registered as a collector for Istanbul Archaeology Museum for a long time, and many of the artifacts he owns are annexed. Koç’s collection is inspected by experts from the Museum every year.