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The Journalists Union of Turkey (TGS) and its LGBTİ+ Commission have organized a campaign to collect donated books for three female journalists in prison.

“To join the campaign and expand the solidarity with journalists, you can send your books to our union address,” said their press release describing the campaign.

Lawyers from the Union visited Melike Aydın and Ruken Demir in İzmir’s Şakran prison, where they have been held for 64 days. They also paid a visit to Sadiye Eser in Istanbul’s Bakırköy prison, where she has been imprisoned for 49 days.

The press released noted it remains unknown when any of these women will be released.

“Aydın, Demir and Eser have not seen a judge yet, their trial dates have yet to be set,” the press release said, “our fight will continue until journalists gain their freedom.”