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Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio will be walking a special runway in Istanbul Congress Center, a convention center, that will be decorated as the archaeological site of Göbekli Tepe for the Dosso Dossi Fashion Show.

“We chose the concept of Göbekli Tepe to promote Turkey. We will create a fresh angle by combining the mystery of Göbekli Tepe with fashion,” said Hikmet Eraslan the Board Chairman of Dosso Dossi Holding.

The runway will have a 270-degree, 10-meter stage decor installed to transform the space into the ancient site. Animations will also be projected in the background during the show.

Choreographed by Yasin Soy, the fashion show will host the supermodel in Istanbul on March 17.

The ancient site of Göbekli Tepe has recently featured in the public agenda in the context of the Netflix show “The Gift”, which follows the story of a young woman who traces personal connections to the southeastern location.

Göbekli Tepe hosts the ruins of what is thought to have been a place of worship, though the particular faith that was practiced remains uncertain.