Multi-award winning "Parasite" breaks record in Turkey

The South Korean production "Parasite" has broken a record in Turkey after dominating the awards season, reaching 225,692 views to become the most-watched Oscars movie in Turkey in the past 12 years. The $11 million production's box office revenue surpassed $170 million after the movie won its awards.

Duvar English

The South Korean film "Parasite", which has won this year's Academy Awards for Best Movie, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Movie in a Foreign Language, has broken a record as the most-watched Oscar-winning movie of the past 12 years in Turkey.

The South Korean production directed by Bong Joon-ho was watched by 62,990 viewers in Turkey in the week of Feb. 10 and a total of 225,692 people viewed it in Turkey overall.

The production's box office revenue neared four million Turkish Lira and the worldwide revenue exceeded $175 million following the award season that "Parasite" dominated.

Following the story of two families, a wealthy one and another that moves in the former's home as servants, the mixed-genre film was produced with a budget of merely $11 million.