Duvar English

Turkey has ranked in the top 10 countries to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, a survey by London-based social media company We Are Social revealed.

The number of Instagram users in Turkey has risen by 2.8 percent in 2020, reaching a total number of 38 million users. Turkey ranks sixth in the world in terms of Instagram usage.

Meanwhile, Turkey used Facebook the most among European countries, ranking at the top of all European nations with 37 million users.

While Facebook remains the most popular social media network with a total of 2.5 billion users worldwide, Turkey is in the top 10 countries worldwide.

Twitter has some 11.8 million users in Turkey, which makes it sixth in the world and second in Europe in terms of users on the platform.

Some 100,000 users from Turkey joined the professional networking site LinkedIn in 2020, making it the 16th worldwide.

The survey also revealed the average user from Turkey between the age of 16 and 64 spends seven hours and 29 minutes on social media and 58 minutes playing games.

Global trends

India, the United States and Indonesia are the top three countries worldwide in terms of Facebook usage.

YouTube followed Facebook as the second most popular social media network worldwide, conserving its ranking from 2017.

With one billion users worldwide, Instagram is among the most popular social media networks, with the U.S. being the country to use the photo-based application the most worldwide.

Twitter has some 340 million users worldwide and the U.S. uses the network the most worldwide.