Turkey looks back at historical monument renovations that went awry

Turkey's news agenda has focused on "renovations" that resulted in dramatic results, often adding incoherent elements. Most recently, footage of "renovation" in Istanbul's Galata Tower had shown workers drilling into original walls.

Duvar English

Turkish society has turned its attention to historical monuments that have been harmed during supposed "renovations" after footage emerged of construction workers drilling into Istanbul's iconic Galata Tower.

As parliament has discussed potential repercussions for the construction company at Galata Tower, renovation works that were controversial at the time came up.

Süheyl Bey Cami, Istanbul

Built in 1591 by legendary Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan, Süheyl Bey Mosque in Istanbul's Beyoğlu was "renovated" in 2013.

The work on the mosque changed the octagonal mosque into a regularly shaped building, even removing its dome.

Mamure Castle, Mersin

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, western Mersin's Mamure Castle endured a "restoration" in 2018 where plastic window frames, concrete and marbles were used.

Roman mosaics, Hatay

Most of the Roman-era mosaics in southern Hatay Archeology Museum were "restored" to their detriment, changing their appearance dramatically.

Ocaklı Ada Castle, Istanbul

Located in Istanbul's Şile district, 2000-year-old Ocaklı Ada Castle was often resembled to Sponge Bob , the famous cartoon character shaped like a yellow rectangular sponge, after its 2015 renovation.

Tekfur Palace, Istanbul

A 12th century Byzantine monument, Istanbul's Tekfur Palace was the site of an incoherent "renovation" that installed window frames that stand out, and shiny windows.