Turkey's presidential symphony orchestra concert hall to finally open doors on Oct 29

Turkey's Presidential Symphony Orchestra will thrive thanks to the completion of its long-awaited music hall, Conductor Cemi'i Can Deliorman said. Having been in the works for 25 years, the music hall's large auditorium can seat more than two thousand viewers.

Ayşegül Tabak / DUVAR

The conductor of Turkey's Presidential Symphony Orchestra (CSO), Cemi’i Can Deliorman, said that the musical collective is a crucial part of national heritage that will soar to success thanks to the completion of its music hall, in the works for 25 years.

"The world's culture and arts capitals are known for their orchestra and their music hall," Deliorman said, adding that the hall will be opened on Oct. 29.

"Cities become one with their orchestra and music halls, they grow, breathe and become well known," he said.

The presidential symphony music hall will be an exemplary arts center for not only Ankara, but the world, Deliorman said, adding that they hope to make the center a part of the international arts scene.

Having been in construction for over two decades, the music hall had become a grim prospect for many, Deliorman noted, but was completed with help from the government.

The music hall's large auditorium will seat 2023 viewers, while two smaller halls will host 500 and 600 viewers.

The presidential symphony orchestra's hall also contains restaurants, a museum and outdoor spaces, the conductor added.