DEVA district building subjected to armed attack in Malatya

A DEVA Party office in the eastern province of Malatya has become the target of an armed attack, party leader Ali Babacan announced early on April 16.

Duvar English

Turkish opposition Democracy and Progress Party (DEVA) leader Ali Babacan has announced that unidentified assailants had organized an armed attack against the party's office in the eastern province of Malatya's Pütürge district.

In a social media post early on April 16, Babacan said: “I extend my best wishes to our honorable provincial and district heads and all of our members of the organization. We will follow up on this attack against our party and democracy.”

DEVA Malatya provincial organization also released a statement on its Twitter account, saying that “such ugly attacks” will not deter the party from conducting its works and on the contrary will make them “more determined.”

"Do not be scared Turkey. DEVA Party is ready," it said, sharing images of the attacked building.