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Renowned Turkish journalist Murat Yetkin has penned a piece analyzing the outcome of a recent deal reached between Ankara and Moscow at a leaders summit in Sochi on Oct. 22 for clearing the remaining parts of Turkish-Syrian border from YPG forces. Yetkin argued that Erdoğan has managed to succeed in his highly risky game of playing the Russian and the U.S. cards against each other. According to Yetkin, persistent Turkish diplomacy along with the use of military power worked despite harsh reaction from Western allies and threat of economic sanctions.

“And Putin has taken something he wanted from Erdoğan, something important; the promise to get through this process in cooperation with the Syrian regime from now on”, Yetkin wrote.

Full text of Yetkin’s piece can be reached here:

Erdoğan and Putin won in Syria. Who’s the loser?