Turkey bans alcohol services in Republic Day receptions abroad due to Syria op

Turkish Foreign Ministry has sent an "urgent" message to the country's foreign representatives, saying that alcohol services should be avoided due to the country's military offensive in Syria and soldiers who died during it.

Duvar English

Turkey has banned alcohol services in Oct. 29 Republic Day receptions abroad, citing Operation Peace Spring and the casualties incurred.

Turkish Foreign Ministry conveyed the order in a message that was sent with an "urgent" code to Turkey's representations in foreign countries.

In its message, the ministry said that Operation Peace Spring, which was launched in northern Syria on Oct. 9, is at a critical stage and that soldiers were killed during the offensive.

Saying that a sensitivity was developed due to the offensive, the ministry ordered all representations to avoid serving alcoholic drinks.

The decision was slammed by Turkey's former Undersecretary of the Ministry of EU Affairs Haluk Ilıcak.

"Secular Turkish Republic?" tweeted Ilıcak.