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A Turkish woman was denied French citizenship over her husband’s political commitment to Turkey.

Murat Büyük, who has been living in France for the past 43 years, was denied citizenship last month after French authorities said that his loyalty to France can’t be guaranteed.

“Your application was denied. The political commitment you have for your country is apparent. Your loyalty to our country and its institutions can’t be guaranteed,” a letter sent by the French Interior Ministry read.

Shortly after, Büyük’s wife Şerife Büyük’s application was also denied.

“Since you are Murat Büyük’s wife, you have a common living space, you can’t deny his political commitment that you support indirectly. It’s not suitable to approve your request,” the letter sent to Şerife Büyük read.

French authorities’ decisions were slammed by Murat Büyük, who deemed the rejections as “major injustice.”

“Was France expecting my wife to file a complaint against me? This is scandalous decision,” he said, adding that the incident happened “because we are Turkish.”

“My wife said that she can’t deny Turkey and that she has sympathy towards President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan,” Büyük said, while accusing France of “limiting the freedom of expression.”