Germany approves new arms exports to Turkey

The German economy ministry said in its answer to a recent parliamentary question that the government has authorized arms exports to Turkey, Qatar, the UAE and Egypt worth 4.3 million euros during the period of Jan. 1 – Feb. 4. The Left Party’s ("Die Linke") MP Sevim Dağdelen has criticized Germany's move, saying: “Arms exports to countries involved in the Libya war should completely end.”

Duvar English

Germany has approved arms exports to Turkey worth 18,600 euros during the period of Jan. 1 – Feb. 4 this year, Deutsche Welle Turkish reported on Feb. 12.

The new arms exports approvals came to light after The Left Party’s (“Die Linke”) MP Sevim Dağdelen submitted a parliamentary question regarding the exports of Germany's arms industry to Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt and Qatar -- all of which are involved in the Libya war.

In its answer, the German economy ministry said the country had struck 4.3 million euros worth of arms export deals with these four countries during the period from Jan. 1 to Feb. 4, 2020.

Among the four countries, Qatar was the main buyer, with 81,400 euros worth of weapons and 4.2 million euros worth of other military equipment. Qatar was respectively followed by the UAE (50,500 euros), Turkey (18,600 euros) and Egypt (4,620 euros).

MP Dağdelen said that Germany's continuing to provide arms to these countries was in conflict with its mediation role in the Libya war. “Arms exports to countries involved in the Libya war should completely end,” Dağdelen was quoted as saying by Deutsche Welle Turkish.

World powers backing opposing Libyan factions had agreed to an arms embargo at a conference hosted by Germany on Jan. 19.

The agreement, signed by 16 states and organizations at the Libya peace summit in Berlin, had set out plans for international efforts to monitor the embargo's implementation.

Dağdelen said that Germany was not fulfilling its commitment to this embargo. “Those who talk of an arms embargo on Sunday [when the Berlin summit took place] should not award others with arms exports on Monday,” she said.

The German Foreign Ministry refuted Dağdelen's accusations, saying the German government did not breach the arms embargo.

The U.N.-backed Government of National Accord, led by Fayez Sarraj in Tripoli, is backed by Turkey and Qatar — while rival faction Libyan National Army, led by military strongman Khalifa Haftar, is supported by the UAE and Egypt.