Duvar English – Anadolu Agency

A group of people on early Feb. 28 protested outside the Russian Consulate General in Istanbul against an attack that targeted Turkish troops in northwestern Idlib, Syria.

Chanting slogans against Russia, the protesters held Moscow responsible for the loss of Turkish soldiers’ lives.

At least 33 Turkish soldiers were killed and 32 others injured in an airstrike by the Syrian army in Idlib, northwestern Syria.

“The whole world knows that Russia and [Syrian] regime forces were behind the attack,” said Sezgin Çelik, one of the protesters.

Çelik noted that they would not be relieved until those who are responsible for the “martyrs pay the price for their act.”

“We are here. We are with the victims of the crimes against humanity,” he said.

The group continued their protest outside the Russian mission.

Meanwhile, police have taken extensive security measures around the consulate building.