SDC and Popular Will Party delegations meet with Russian FM Lavrov, drawing ire from Turkey

Delegations from the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) and the Popular Will Party on Aug. 31 held a meeting with Russian FM Lavrov in Moscow. Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement to express Ankara’s “concern” with regards to the meeting as SDC is the political wing of the SDF, which is regarded as a terrorist organization by Turkey.

Duvar English

Delegations from the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) and the Syrian Popular Will Party were in Moscow on Aug. 31 where they signed and declared a memorandum of understanding for a political solution in Syria.

The two parties affirmed their support for the full implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254, including the implementation of the Geneva Declaration and the inclusion of other opposition platforms in the political process.   

The two delegations then met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

The Russian Foreign Ministry released a statement on the meeting. "Sergey Lavrov has reaffirmed Russia’s readiness to continue aiding the promotion of inclusive constructive inter-Syrian dialogue in the interest of the soonest recovery and reinforcement of Syria’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, the formation of conditions for harmonious co-existence and development of all ethnic and religious parts of the Syrian society," a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry said, according to TASS.

The SDC is the political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), allied with the United States in the fight against ISIS since it was founded in 2015.

Turkey regards the SDF as a terrorist organization due to its links to Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants inside Turkey.

Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement to express Ankara’s “concern” with regards to the Aug. 31 meeting.

“We are following with concern the reports on the invitation of a group of elements belonging to the PKK/YPG-dominated so-called 'Syrian Democratic Council' to the Russian Federation and the high-level reception given by the Russian official authorities,” it said.

“PKK/YPG is a terrorist organization which, in pursuit of its terrorist and separatist agenda, oppresses the local population in the territories under its effective control, undermines the territorial integrity of Syria and poses a threat to the national security of Syria’s neighbors, first and foremost to Turkey.”

“Our reaction on the issue will be transmitted to the Russian authorities also by the Turkish delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Ambassador Sedat Önal currently in Moscow for political consultations.”

The meeting of the SDC and the Syrian Popular Will Party in Moscow coincides with a visit from a high level Turkish delegation to the Russian capital.