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Incumbent Turkish Cypriot President Mustafa Akıncı, who is seeking re-election, has said there are “clues of intervention” from abroad in the upcoming presidential elections on Oct. 11.

“When there was a military attempt on July 15 in Turkey, we have expressed our support for the civilian management. We have done this as per the respect that we have for Turkish democracy, civilian management and people, their decisions. And now we expect the same respect for the Turkish Cypriot democracy and our people’s decision,” Akıncı said in an interview to Euronews’ Turkish service on Sept. 7.

“We expect that no one gets on the wrong track of favoring a side. I am saying this because there are clues regarding this issue. Turkish Cypriots have the right, ability, capability and authority to determine their own future with their free and independent identities. Therefore, attempts to favor a side regarding this issue should come to an end immediately,” Akıncı said.

Turkish Cypriots will go to the polls for the 10th time since 1974 to elect a president. Presidential election, initially scheduled for April 26, was postponed to Oct. 11 due to the measures against the novel coronavirus.

A total of six candidates will compete in the elections. The Turkish government is known to have thrown its support behind nationalist Turkish Cypriot Prime Minister Ersin Tatar.

Akıncı on the other hand angered Ankara earlier last year after criticizing the Turkish incursion into Syria. Tensions between the two sides increased further after Akıncı said earlier this year that any move by Turkey to annex Turkish Cyprus would be a “horrible” prospect.