Duvar English

Greek women from the Women’s Initiative for Peace (WINPEACE), an organization jointly founded by women from Turkey, Greece and Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities, released a statement on Sept. 25, condemning two Greek tabloids which they said published “insulting, misogynist, shameful headlines, denigrating all human values.”

The women said that the Greek tabloids’ reports were a “despicable attempt to sabotage any positive developments” between Turkey and Greece.

“We strongly condemn them. Policies can change, but disregarding moral and ethical values leaves a permanent stain,” they said in their statement.

Their statements concern Greek tabloids’ claims that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had an extramarital affair with an actress.

WINPEACE had previously called for a non-violent solution of the eastern Mediterranean crisis between the two countries, as well as northern and southern Cyprus. 

“We therefore call upon the governments of our countries to put an end to their adversarial daily discourses and to immediately start a dialogue between our countries with the aim of sharing whatever wealth is hidden under the Mediterranean and thus refrain from turning its blue waters into blood red,” the group had said in a statement on Sept. 3.

WINPEACE was founded by Margaret Papandreou, whose son George Papandreou served as Greek prime minister between 2009-2011, and journalist Zeynep Oral following the 1996 crisis between Greece and Turkey over the Imia/Kardak.