Diyanet reinstates imam who called for civil armament prior to elections

Turkey’s Presidency of Religious Affairs reinstated an imam who had been suspended for calling civil armament in the Friday sermon before the presidential elections.

Duvar English

Presidency of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) reinstated Murat Gündoğdu, an imam who had been suspended for calling people to take up arms before the last elections in a mosque in Istanbul’s Sultangazi district, according to the reporting of daily BirGün.

The imam during the Friday sermon days before the presidential elections said, "Brother, prepare your weapons. On the evening of May 28, get your guns ready, I have two guns loaded to the brim. I dare you!” 

Gündoğdu continued to spread hate before the Friday prayers which is mandatory for Muslim men to attend every week, “For 80 years, what has this country suffered from them (the opposition), from Armenian progenies?”

After these statements, some citizens in the mosque reacted against the imam. A 53-year-old man among them was manhandled and taken out of the mosque.

After the imam’s statements became public, the Diyanet announced that it had launched an investigation into the matter and that imam was suspended.

Diyanet’s Sultangazi District Office confirmed that Gündoğdu was reinstated to his position in the same mosque after three months.