Suicide by cyanide suspected in death of Antalya family

A family of four has been found dead in a possible case of suicide by cyanide poisoning in Turkey's southern province of Antalya. Local media has reported that the father had left a suicide note that cited financial difficulties as the reason for the suicides.

Duvar English

The recent death of a family of four in Turkey’s southern province of Antalya is a possible case of suicide by cyanide poisoning, according to an initial examination undertaken by officials.  

The incident concerns the Şimşek family, whose four members were found dead early on Nov. 9 at home.

The incident came to light when a relative could not reach the family on the evening of Nov. 8, prompting them to inform the police.

Upon the public prosecutor’s order, the police went inside the family’s house at around 2.00 a.m. on Nov. 9, finding the bodies of Selim Şimşek, 36, his wife Sultan Şimşek, 38, and their two children Ceren, 9, and Ali Çınar, 5. 

Initial examination by experts pointed to cyanide poisoning as the reason behind the deaths.

Local media reported that Selim Şimşek had left a suicide note, citing financial difficulties as the reason for the suicides.

The incident appears to be similar to a Nov. 5 collective suicide in Istanbul’s Fatih district, when four adult siblings were found dead in their homes due to cyanide poisoning. Local media cited a friend of the deceased as saying that the siblings were suffering from severe economic problems. 

The deceased, two brothers and two sisters, were identified as 48-year-old Cüneyt Yetişkin, 54-year-old Oya Yetişkin, 56-year-old Yaşar Yetişkin and 60-year-old Kamuran Yetişkin.